RFID Card,Metro card,bus card

RFID Card,Metro card,bus card

RFID Card,Metro card,bus card

Introduction:Optional ABS, PVC, PET, PETG, Paper materials for sealing, it is a multi-purpose standard PVC Card which is made of non-contact chip, coil or foil antenna  adhesive together .

We can seal three kinds of frequency carrier chip .

Low-frequency : 125-134Khz 

High-frequency: 13.56Mhz

Ultra-high frequency : 860-960Mhz.

Suitable temperature: -10 ? ~ 50 ? 

Size 85.5 * 54 (mm) 

Optional chip: EM4100, 4102, TK4100, ATMEL, MF/S50, S70, I-CODE, U-CODE HSL, U-CODE GEN 2 series of chips. 

Crafts: Can be off-setting , screen printing, embossed code, hot-stamping, UV printing, marking; waterproof, dustproof, anti-vibration.

Application: Widely used in access control system, identification, school management, district management, membership management, integration, consumer systems. 


Anti-collision: The fast anti-collision mechanism inside the non-contact chip and the structure of the memory can make it a multi-purpose card . The user can set the specify password and access condition according to the different application.

Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz

Communication speed: 106KB baud half-duplex communication with each 16-bit CRC error correction, parity bit per byte support multiple cards 

Operation Size: meet ISO10536 standard,

Operating temperature:-20oC to 50oC (90% relative humidity)

Product Origin: China
Model Number: cxj35
Brand Name: oem

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